Class of 2017 Achieve Strong Academic Results

The Mt Maria College, Mitchelton 2017 graduates are finishing the year with their futures at their feet after receiving their Overall Position (OP) scores.

This year saw 13% of eligible graduates achieve an OP1, 2 or 3 and 92% achieve an OP 1 – 16.  98% of graduates attained a Queensland Certificate of Education and 2 students earned their Queensland Certificate of Individual Attainment (QCIA).

Further, an additional 142 Vocational Education Training (VET) qualifications were issued, along with 20 school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.

The Mt Maria College, Mitchelton Principal, Glenn McConville said the college “improvement agenda” is flourishing, with the students benefiting through being supported by dedicated staff to achieve their personal best.

“These are outstanding overall results for our 2017 graduates,” Principal Glenn McConville said. “They have done very well and we are proud of them.”

“Our overall improvement agenda is alive and flourishing and these students have really benefited.

“Mt Maria College, Mitchelton is a place where all students can achieve their personal best when they work hard and are supported by our dedicated staff.

“Thank you to our students, parents and teachers for all your hard work and commitment to our students and to our great college in 2017,” Mr McConville concluded.

The OP graduates now await tertiary placement offers.


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