Music / Instrumental Music

At Mt Maria College, our aim is to make Music accessible and achievable for every student.

This means that, if you have never learnt an instrument, or been part of a music ensemble, there is a place for you.

It also means that, if you have learnt your instrument in primary school, and wish to continue, you are guaranteed to have a place in an ensemble, and can keep learning with our teachers. You will also have the opportunity to try something different!

The benefits to being involved in Music are well documented to stimulate the brain, develop higher order thinking skills and improve fine motor development. Avenues are also created for creativity and self-expression.  In addition, being involved in a music ensemble encourages improved social skills, discipline and commitment.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of instrumental lessons from experienced teachers who are also active performers in their field.

Our ensembles perform regularly both within the College, at community events and in local festivals.

The range of music we sing and play is versatile and covers classical to rock and roll, so there is something for everyone!

Lessons are offered on the following instruments:

Strings Woodwind Brass Other
Violin Flute Trumpet Piano
Viola Clarinet French Horn Voice
Cello Saxophone Trombone Drum Kit
Double Bass   Euphonium Orchestral Percussion
Acoustic Guitar   Tuba Music Theory
Electric Guitar      
Electric Bass      

Membership of the following ensembles is available:

Ensemble Conductor Rehearsal Details
College Choir

(all welcome)

Ms. Melissa Gill Wednesday and Friday 7.25 – 8.30 


Vocal Ensemble

(by invitation)

Ms. Melissa Gill Tuesday and Thursday 7.25 – 8.30 


Year 7 Beginner Band

(must be currently learning)

Mr. Tom Donaldson Monday 7.25 – 8.30


Wind Band

(must be currently learning)

Mr. Tom Donaldson Wednesday 7.25-8:30


String Ensemble

(must be currently learning)

Ms. Alex Khafagi Thursday 7.25 – 8.30


Ukulele Ensemble

(all welcome)

Ms. Alex Khafagi Wednesday Second Break


Please click here to download a copy of the current Instrumental Music Handbook.

For all enquiries, please contact:

Music Program Leader
Ms Alex Khafagi 
Direct Line:  3550 3445


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