Information Evening: 2018 Humanities Tour to Europe

Expressions of interest are invited for the proposed 2018 Humanities Tour to Europe 

An information evening is being held on Tuesday, 10 October at 6.00pm in the Marcellin Champagnat Building, Room MC06.

The tour will visit Greece (including Crete and Santorini) and Italy (including Venice) for students in Years 9-12, during Term 3 holidays, 2018.  For students in Years 9 – 12, the tour will be held during Term III school holidays from 22 September – 8 October. 

RSVP:  Barbara Wortley, Curriculum Leader – Humanities:

If you would like further information or are unable to attend this evening please get in touch with Barbara with your query.

About the Tour

In September 2018, Mt Maria College aims to provide students with an opportunity to participate in a 15‐day overseas immersion to key historical, cultural and geographical sites studied in Years 7 ‐ 12 Humanities subjects.

Apart from Modern and Ancient History, which accounts for approximately three-quarters of the time overseas, the tour will also complement curriculum covered in Geography and Legal Studies, along with a cultural appreciation of historical sites in Greece and Italy.

All the proposed sites/venues have a relationship to link to course work and assessment currently undertaken in Humanities subjects.

An overseas trip experience will help students make links and connections to their studies. Experiential learning assists students not only in their understanding of the past, but also in developing social consciousness and the characteristics of good citizenship. Visiting the places on the tour itinerary will also enrich student knowledge of European history and the development of western civilisations.

Other places of interest will include visiting The Vatican, Pompeii and Venice.  The proposed tour will provide the participants with not only a once in a lifetime school experience but will also create a sense of cultural awareness and appreciation that is not able to be taught in the classroom.  This first‐hand experience will enable the participants to synthesise the material that has been taught and complement their learning outcomes. Students will, through their participation on this tour, increase and improve many personal skills.  By being away from parents and support networks students will develop skills as independent travellers and decision makers.

Leadership is developed through both pre‐tour and tour experiences, ranging from taking initiative in planning fundraising events through to reading a map and directing the group to the restaurant in an evening. Being away from home without close family will also develop a student’s communication and social skills and promote new friendships and teamwork which allows students to develop flexibility to fit and adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

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