Mt Maria College Parents & Friends Thank Gaythorne RSL Club

The Gaythorne RSL Sub-Branch President, Mr Merv Brown OAM, was presented with a plaque from the Mt Maria College P &F Association as acknowledgement for the generous support provided to the college and their students.

Mt Maria College, Mitchelton P & F Association President, Mrs Deanne Berndt expressed gratitude for the strength of the relationship between the college and the Gaythorne RSL Club.

“We are grateful for the support we get from Gaythorne RSL.

“We wanted to acknowledge the importance of the relationship – we feel a sense of connection and wanted to acknowledge that with a gift.” Mrs Berndt said.

The Mt Maria College, Mitchelton Principal, Mr Glenn McConville said the work by the RSL with Mt Maria included: talks with students, ANZAC day celebrations, donations of resources and sponsorship of sporting and study groups.

“We look forward to continuing our close association with the RSL into the future.” Mr McConville said.

Gaythorne RSL Sub-Branch President, Mr Merv Brown thanked the Association and the college on behalf of the Sub-Branch.

“Thank you for the acknowledgement, we enjoy working with the students and teachers at the college.

“I am passionate about children understanding what the RSL is all about, they will be our leaders in future years.”

Mr Brown went on to say how refreshing it is to see the next generation of young people understanding the importance of the RSL in the community.


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