Social Media SOS Session – Before You Hit Send – Monday 30 October – RSVP Now

Parent Information Session – Social Media SOS – Before You Hit Send

– Monday – 30 October – 6.00pm – 7.30pm
– In the Auditorium, Mt Maria College, Mitchelton – parking on site via the Prospect Road entrance
– Students invited to attend with their parents

Presented by author Rebecca Sparrow

The quality of your online experience is hugely dependent on your friends.  Bec talks about the importance of finding your tribe and the importance of nurturing our real-life, in-person friendships.  She goes through the positives and negatives of online friendships, why it’s a good idea to wait until you’re 13 to open a social media account and why you need to think about what your personal values are before you hit send.  She can also discuss the importance of privacy settings, naked selfies and the important concept of consent.

“My purpose is to help teens (and their parents) navigate high school friendships, have a more positive experience online and understand that despite what society tells them they are enough just as they are. ” Rebecca Sparrow,

Limited to 180 seats only – scroll down to RSVP NOW

Topics Rebecca will present on the night include: 

Happiness 101 – The goal of every student (and every parent) is to enjoy school and to have a positive experience. Rebecca will discuss the research behind what makes us happy (spoiler alert: feeling connected and having real friendships). We’ll talk about the importance of finding your tribe at school, what a great friendship looks and feels like and the threat too much online time poses to your happiness levels.

Social Media: What age and why? – The vast majority of social media platforms are designed for kids aged 13 and over. Bec will talk through WHY it’s a good idea to stick to this age recommendation and her strategy for shutting down the pleading from your tweens for an account. For those under-13 kids who already have accounts, she will list some immediate dos and don’ts.

Your School Yard Legacy – Rebecca will list the questions EVERY student needs to answer before they next go online. We’ll talk through the concept of your primary school/high school “legacy”. What do you stand for?  And how will you respond online to bad behaviour from your friends?

Protecting Your Headspace – This is where Bec covers the importance of curating your social media feed. We’ll look at the links between social media use and depression and strategies of looking OUTWARD not INWARD when it comes to your activity on social media.

Naked Selfies – Rebecca will discuss WHY kids are taking naked images and sharing them and (of course) the enormous risk (both legal and emotional) they take in doing so.  We’ll cover HOW TO SAY NO to sending a naked photo without feeling like a prude and what advice we’d want your child to give their best friend if he/she is absolutely determined to send a naked photo (tip: no face and no identifying marks). What if the ship has sailed and you’ve found naked images on your child’s device?  We’ll detail the not-for-profit legal organization parents can call for advice BEFORE you ring the school (who are usually duty bound to call police). And finally, Rebecca will stress to parents and students most importantly that whatever mistake you make in school, nothing ruins your life forever. Whatever you have done, if you have family and good friends around you, you will be okay.

Consent – What does it mean at school?  Let’s look at hacking your friend’s accounts, taking photos without someone’s permission and sharing photos that were not intended for you.

Household Technology Rules – A few ideas to get you started!  The role parents play in creating boundaries at home and modelling healthy tech behaviour. 

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